Announcement of the Twillman House Purchase

January 21, 2005

Dear Spanish Lake Community Association Member:

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

For some time we have been hearing from residents that our community needs a place for
people to gather, to come together, a place where meetings can be held – a Community Center for Spanish Lake. Responses from the 2003 survey to our members identified the “establishment of a Spanish Lake Community Center that could be used by youth and seniors, as well as for family-oriented programs” as a high priority.

Last spring we learned that the historic Twillman House, 11840 Bellefontaine Road at the
corner of Redman, known to many residents as the Old Homestead Restaurant, was in foreclosure and at some future date would be placed on the market.

Last week the Spanish Lake Community Association entered into a contract to purchase the Twillman House. We should close in a few weeks. The Spanish Lake Community Association contributed $10,000 towards its purchase and a generous gift from donors, who wish to remain anonymous, enabled us to purchase the building. We will own it free and clear.

This will be a very large undertaking for the Spanish Lake Community Association. The building is in sound condition but all systems will most likely need major repair, perhaps replacement. Monies will need to be raised for renovation, repair and restoration as well as for the monthly operating expenses such as utilities, maintenance and insurance.

Councilman Mike O’Mara is excited about the possibility of a community center for Spanish Lake and he has promised us that he will work to get trade unions involved in this project. Volunteers will be able to help in many ways as the project moves forward.

We’d like to hear from you about how you would use a community center and what activities could occur there that would be of benefit to you and to our residents. We’d like to know what skills and contacts you have that could help make this center a reality.

We’re also asking each of our members to consider making a special contribution or pledge at this time. The funds raised from this initial effort will help provide us with important start-up funds. Contributions at all levels are very welcome. Showing strong support in this way from a high percentage of our members will be extremely helpful to us when we approach foundations and businesses for their financial support. All contributions to the Spanish Lake Community Association are tax-deductible. We’ve enclosed a form for you to complete.

Please feel free to call any Board member to discuss this news. A Community Center for Spanish Lake will also be discussed at our next Town Hall meeting on March 14th at Trinity High School. We hope you are as excited about the possibilities as we are.


Dora R. Gianoulakis