February 2008 Article

An Update on The Twillman House Renovation
from the SLCA Column in the Spanish Lake Word, February 2008

Just one year ago the following headline appeared in this newspaper:


It had only been one year before that the Spanish Lake Community Association (SLCA) purchased this historic building at Bellefontaine and Redman planning to renovate it as a Community Center for Spanish Lake.

We are delighted to report to the community that another large chunk of the renovation is underway and should be completed soon – the installation of a heating/cooling system (HVAC).

Much had to be coordinated to accomplish this $100,000 project. Our architect and contractor researched many HVAC systems, eventually selecting one. Volunteers logged hundeds of hours removing old systems and ductwork. The Asbestos Union donated remediation services. Laclede Gas donated engineering services to calculate heating and cooling loads. Application for a Community Development Block Grant was made; ultimately a $50,000 grant was approved – part of which will fund this project. Electrical, mechanical and structural engineering studies were contracted for. Plans were drawn for an energy efficient HVAC system with 4 furnaces and 4 air conditioning units, enabling us to save substantially on future utility costs.

Requests for proposals were developed and an HVAC contractor selected. A permit application was submitted to the Public Works Department and granted. Laclede Gas moved the exterior service line because the existing location was too close to a foundation wall. Sheet Metal Workers Local #36 is donating the necessary labor for new ductwork and registers. Briner Electric Company is donating the labor to install a new junction box, 8 junction boxes for the furnaces and air conditioning units and six exhaust fans for bathrooms. Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #562 will donate the labor to run interior gas lines and install the necessary condensate drains and floor drains. And the SLCA used donations from folks like you to cover costs of equipment and services not covered by the block grant.

As of the writing of this column, financial support for the installation of a new roof on the one-story addition – needed not just because it is leaking, but also because it must be strong enough for the air conditioning units – has not been secured but we are very hopeful.

That’s what it takes to install HVAC at The Twillman House. Putting a new furnace in one’s home sure is a lot simpler!