2005-2008 overview

Who is helping to renovate The Twillman House?

Much of the renovation work at The Twillman House to date has done by volunteers, members and friends of the Spanish Lake Community Association; members of local unions; youth groups from churches, boy scout and girl scout troops; and students from the Hazelwood School District and Trinity Catholic High School fulfilling community service hours. In addition, our architect, general contractor and landscape designer are all donating their professional services to this project.

The rest of the work is done by companies and unions who first submit bids to the Spanish Lake Community Association. These are reviewed by professionals and contracts are signed. All monies to pay for these projects must be raised by the Spanish Lake Community Association. Many of our upcoming projects in 2009-2010 will need to be done by professionals.

You can make a difference to our community by donating your time and your money! All donations are tax deductible. Call 741-4100 for further information.

Accomplishments at The Twillman House: 2006-2008

  • Complete architectural drawings of the original building and site prepared.
  • Donation of a new red metal roof on the original building by the Sheet Metal Workers Local #36 and the Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562.
  • Approval of The Twillman House Site Development Plan by the St. Louis County Planning Department.
  • Grant received from the Rotary Club of Florissant for retrofitting the informational sign donated by St. Aloysius Catholic Church.
  • Installation of new informational sign on front yard.
  • Grant from Gateway Greening received in 2006. 4 raised beds were installed and planted; shade garden and plantings around informational sign installed.
  • Grant received from the Edward Chase Garvey Foundation and an underground sprinkler system for these new gardens was installed.
  • Removal of heating & air conditioning units, ductwork, radiators and pipes from the roof of the 1st floor addition and the interior of the building.
  • Commerce Bank 2006 Community Service Award awarded to the President of the Spanish Lake Community Association, along with a grant of $3,250 that was dedicated to the renovation of The Twillman House.
  • Rebuilding and restoration of soffits by Carpenters District Council of St. Louis.
  • Grant application to the Mary Ranken Jordan & Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation for renovation of the interior; $5,000 grant received in 2007.
  • Installation of water shut-off valve to activate the underground sprinkler system donated by Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562Apprentice Program.
  • Fund-raising events and quilt raffles raised $12,000 in 2007.
  • Community Development Block Grant Application for $50,000 approved in 2007.
  • Regular meetings of The Twillman House Advisory Board.
  • 2nd Grant application approved by Gateway Greening enabling the installation of a handicapped-accessible raised garden bed, trellis and garden bench in 2007.
  • 2nd Grant application to the Rotary Club of Florissant for a Custom Front Door which will be an exact replica of the original 1870 door. $1,800 grant awarded for this project.
  • Painting of the newly reconstructed soffits by a volunteer. Handyman Hardware donated their lift for the weekend to allow this project to be completed.
  • 2nd Grant application to the Edward Chase Garvey Foundation in 2008 for fencing on the eastern and southern perimeter of the property. This fencing is required by St. Louis County in order to receive an occupancy permit.