Helpful Numbers: Zoning Violations

Helpful Numbers: Zoning Violations

Animal Control (314) 831-6500 (North)

Public Health Sanitation (314) 615-8900
Sewage in yard, creek, failing septic systems

Neighborhood Preservation
North of Hwy 40 (314) 615-7333

Residential Zoning
North of Hwy 40 (314) 615-7333
Accumulation of litter or rubbish
Weed growth in excess of 8 inches
Vehicles parked on unpaved surfaces
Structures in need of maintenance or repair
Commercial vehicles kept in residential neighborhoods
Stagnant water in swimming pools
Outdoor storage
Number of dogs and cats
Operating a business from the home
Multiple families living in a single family dwelling

Solid Waste Coordinator (314) 615-8958
Household hazardous waste (questions on proper disposal)

Waste Management (314) 615-8958
Fly-tight garbage - torn containers
Garbage stored in vehicles
Illegal dumping
Construction/demolition debris
Garbage and miscellaneous junk
Waste oil, antifreeze, etc.
Yard waste, rock, etc.
Medical waste disposal
Once a week trash service
Placement of trash containers
Residential compost complaints
Trash around dumpster/dumpster unsanitary
Vacated residence with trash at curb

Commercial areas (314) 615-3724

* Banners, pennants, signs
* Outdoor storage
* Site conditions, such as fencing, shrubbery, lighting