Helpful Numbers

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  • 911 Call in an emergency or when you suspect criminal activity
  • 889-2341 Call when police need to be dispatched for a non-emergency problem
  • 438-4618 Call to speak to our Neighborhood Police Officer or to get information about starting a Neighborhood Watch Program
  • 831-6500 Call to report stray animals
  • 438-4647 Call to report traffic violations
  • 615-7346 Call to report a house for rent anywhere in Spanish Lake
  • 615-7346 Call to schedule a County inspection when a house is up for sale in the Spanish Lake or Hazelwood East Property Conservation Districts
  • 615-7333 Call to report property maintenance problems in residences
  • 615-3724 Call to report zoning violations in commercial areas
  • 615-3745 Call to report zoning violations in residential areas
  • 741-4100 Call the Spanish Lake Community Association’s Voice Mail with your ideas as to how the association can better serve the community and to receive information about membership in your community association

Compliments of: The Spanish Lake Community Association
P.O. Box 372082
Spanish Lake, MO 63138
Voice Mail: (314) 741-4100

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