Residential Zoning Regulations Checklist

Residential Zoning Regulations Checklist

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Zoning regulations are adopted to preserve the quality of life, to promote health, safety and comfort and to protect neighborhoods from blight.

Did You Know:

  • Vehicles permitted to be parked in a residential neighborhood are cars, vans, pickup trucks, boats, campers or other recreational vehicles typically used by a family.
  • New driveways in most instances, are required to be paved.
  • All vehicles, including recreational vehicles, must be parked on a driveway.
  • You may have a maximum of three (3) yard or garage sales a year.

For safety purposes, bushes, shrubs or structures should not exceed 3 feet in height above the elevation of the street pavement within the sight distance triangle of an intersection.

Real Estate signs advertising the sale, rental, or lease of a property may only be erected on the property being offered for sale and not on the public easement beetween the sidewa; amd the road.

Temporary signs announcing business grand openings or special events require a sign permit.

Setbacks are areas set aside on a lot to allow for open space by prohibiting construction. Side, rear and front yard setbacks differ depending on how your property is zoned.

Sheds over 100 square feet, pools, decks and other structures may not be constructed within the side, rear and front yard setbacks.

Fences, 6 feet in height or less, may be installed without a building permit.

The maximum number of dogs/cats permitted per single family residence:
3 Dogs OR 5 Cats OR A combination of 5 Dogs and Cats with no more than 3 Dogs at any time.

You can run a business from your home if:

  1. The business is run by members of your family residing on the premises.
  2. There are no signs or displays indicating from the exterior that a business activity is taking place.
  3. There is no stock in trade or commodity sold on the premises.
  4. There is no mechanical equipment used except what would be considered customary for purely domestic or household purposes.
  5. There are no customers, clients, employees, etc. coming to the residence.