Lewis & Clark Trail

Lewis & Clark Trail at Fort Belle Fontaine County Park

A 3.2 mile biking and hiking trail opened in October 2004 at Fort Belle Fontaine County Park in Spanish Lake, located on the Missouri River at the northern end of Bellefontaine Road.
Lewis & Clark spent the last night of their “Corps of Discovery” expedition at Fort Belle Fontaine.

The trail starts at a new parking area inside the entrance (sign in at the gate house first), travels through a restored 50 acre upland prairie and wetland and down the bluffs to sites of natural beauty along Coldwater Creek, the Missouri River and Belle Fontaine Spring.

The interpretive signs along the trail are full of information about both the natural area and history of the site, including the prairie in St. Louis at the time of Lewis and Clark; the scientific discoveries of Lewis and Clark; expeditions that left from Fort Belle Fontaine to explore the west; the discovery of Chondestes grammaca, the Lark sparrow, in 1819; the discovery of prehistoric mammal fossils in Coldwater Creek; Belle Fontaine Spring that provided water to 1,000 men a day in the early 1800’s; and much more. These signs educate the visitor to a wide variety of interesting facts and fascinating information.

Walk and bike this new trail. Learn about St. Louis history. Celebrate this Spanish Lake Treasure!

For more information on this trail, contact the St. Louis County Parks Department at 314-615-7275 or visit www.stlouisco.com/parks.