Pitzman's Map of the County of St. Louis, MO.

Pitzman's 1868 Map of St. Louis, Mo.

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Pitzman's Map of the County of St. Louis, Mo.

Published After October, 1868

This rare map, published sometime in late 1868 was found discarded and was saved from destruction by Laurie Wilde-Schulze of Florissant, Missouri. Laurie kindly loaned me the map, so it could be scanned and its information shared with other historical researchers. It contains the names and property boundaries of land owners across St. Louis County, which included the City of St. Louis at this time. Unfortunately In the highly urban subdivisions of the City, there is not room for all the names so they were omitted from those areas. But for the regions of the City that were still fairly open in 1868, there is good detail. In order for the fine print to be readable, it was necessary for me to scan the map in many sections at fairly high resolution. Believe me, even using a magnifying glass many names are not clear, and they are not clear on the original either.

I have tried to leave large overlaps so maps can be printed and pasted together for home or classroom use. Of course, most browsers may have trouble printing the oversized images. Saving the file and later editing the image, with Paint Shop (or similar image editor) may be necessary for sizing the picture to fit on printer paper. --Scott K. Williams

On the margin of this map includes the following:

Oct 12, 1868 statement by Julius Pitzman (County Surveyor).

Oct 20, 1868 declaration by C. E. Solomon (County Engineer) and John Alt (County Road Superintendent)

Oct 22, 1868 certification by Cozens (Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer)

The historic boundary of the City of St. Louis is portrayed as heavy black line. This was its location at the time this map was published in 1868. Unfortunately because this is a very detailed map, the actual full size images are very large in file size.
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If a name is unreadable in the above grayscale format, it is possible that it may be more readable in the below black and white format. But overall these have lower quality than the grayscale. These also have smaller file sizes (around 300-500 K) and will load faster if one has a slower modem.

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