Trinity Catholic High School

Trinity Catholic High School
1720 Redman Road Spanish Lake, MO. 63138
Main Office (314) 741-1333


Trinity Catholic High School was created in January 2003 with the consolidation of St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy and Rosary High Schools. Through the unity of these two schools and the spirit of Mercy High School comes Trinity.

Trinity is a comprehensive, co-educational high school dedicated to the fostering of spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth in its students. With the support of its parents, staff, alumni and the school community, Trinity Catholic High School will flourish and become the Cornerstone of Catholic education in North County.

Students, whose educational needs can be met by the Trinity staff and who apply, will be admitted given available space. Students are admitted without regard to race, gender, ethnicity or nationality. Students normally apply during the winter of their eighth grade year for admission to ninth grade the following fall. All incoming freshman students must have successfully completed the eighth grade. Non-Catholic students are admitted provided they, and their parents or guardians, are willing to fully subscribe to the religious philosophy and program at Trinity Catholic High School.


Trinity Catholic High School is fully accredited by the North Central Association and the Committee on Accredited Schools and Colleges at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Trinity is a member of the National Catholic Education Association.

Our Belief Statement

Christ is the reason for this school.
He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes.
He is the model for its faculty and the inspiration of its students.


To Graduate Responsible, Christian Citizens . . . based on the three pillars of

Ex Trinitate Unitas – “From Trinity Comes Unity”


Trinity Catholic High School, guided by a philosophy based on our Catholic faith and the teaching of Christ in the Gospels, strives to educate young women and men through a comprehensive program of academic excellence.

Trinity Catholic High School, recognizing the uniqueness and diversity of individual talent, intellect, style, and ability, teaches students to think critically, live virtuously, and serve joyfully.

Trinity Catholic High School enables students to be transformed into moral, prayerful, responsible men and women who, in turn, transform our Church and the world as mature Christian citizens who respect the diversity and sacredness of God’s Creation.


Mercy High School opened in 1948 in University City and was staffed by the Sisters of Mercy. The school served the Catholic community of the central city and county areas until it merged with St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1984.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School opened in 1954 at Sacred Heart Parish School in Florissant. It moved to the Dunn Road location in 1958. The school was named after the 13th century philosopher who is the patron saint of Catholic education. St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy was consolidated with Rosary to form Trinity Catholic High School in 2003.

Rosary High School was founded in 1961 by the Catholic Schools System of the St. Louis Archdiocese, in collaboration with the School Sisters of Notre Dame. It has been located at 1720 Redman Road since it opened. The high school was dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and our Lady of the Rosary. Rosary was part of the Trinity Catholic High School consolidation with St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy in 2003.

School Mascot - THE TITANS

School Colors - CRIMSON, SILVER, & WHITE

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