OASIS: Enching the Lives of Mature Adults

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The OASIS Mission

OASIS is a national nonprofit educational organization designed to enhance the quality of life for mature adults. Offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness, technology and volunteer service, OASIS creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and provide meaningful service to the community.

The OASIS Vision

We strengthen communities by providing lifelong learning and service opportunities that inspire diverse audiences of mature adults to pursue vibrant, healthy, productive and meaningful lives.


OASIS was founded in 1982 by Marylen Mann and Margie Wolcott May as a resource for mature adults who wanted to continue to be active, productive members of the community.

The U. S. Administration on Aging funded a two year project to demonstrate the feasibility of a public-private partnership. OASIS established sites in four cities: St. Louis, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Cleveland, and The May Department Stores Company provided space for OASIS classes in its stores.

At the conclusion of the two year demonstration, The May Department Stores Company committed to expand its support and began to build permanent sites in its stores for OASIS center. The national OASIS headquarters partnered with local sponsors in each city to support the new sites. Recognizing the importance of good health to one's quality of life, OASIS joined forces with hospitals and health providers to offer wellness programs.

In 2005 Federated Department Stores purchased The May Department Stores Company and committed to continue the national sponsorship of OASIS.

Today OASIS has grown into the largest, most comprehensive educational and volunteer service program for mature adults in the U.S. It serves more than 350,000 adults in 26 cities.

"Today mature adults can look forward to many years of creativity, learning and productivity," says Marylen Mann, Chairman. They are eager to serve their communities in rewarding ways and they have a great deal to offer."