Residential Inventory & Security Education Handbook

Learn how to protect your home and neighborhood better by reading the Residential Inventory & Security Education Handbook. This handbook has been provided by the Saint Louis County Police.


Have you recently heard of a home being burglarized in your neighborhood? Perhaps you have been a victim. Not a good feeling, is it?

Burglary is one of the most frequently committed crimes; however, in some instances it is preventable. Most residential burglaries are committed by opportunists who spot an open garage, a faulty lock, or a house that appears to be unoccupied.

There are steps you can take in order to reduce the chances of being a burglary victim. Read this booklet for tips. Most of the suggestions require little to no financial investment but will contribute immensely to your peace of mind and aid in safeguarding your property.

Remember, lock your doors and windows when you leave your home! If you have a home alarm system, use it! Don’t become a crime victim and please share this booklet with your neighbors.

Home Security Survey

No house is absolutely burglar-proof when professional burglars target your home. However, they would be the first to admit that home owners can discourage burglars if they increased their home security. You can begin this process by identifying the most vulnerable areas, in regards to your home security, and correcting them.

The checklist in the back of this handbook will assist you in systematically surveying your home. Every “No” check mark shows a weak point that may allow a burglar easy access into your home. If you have security risks, read this handbook to find out how to correct them. As you eliminate the “No” check marks, you improve your protection.

Remember, this survey will only identify your weak areas. You have not improved your home security until those are corrected. Complying with these suggestions will not, of course, make your home burglar-proof, but it will certainly improve your protection.

If you would like professional advice and assistance in a thorough home security survey, call the North County Precinct, Neighborhood Policing Unit. To increase your security, take a critical look at your home!

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