Opposing the Casino Complex on Riverview Drive

Congratulations! The 13th gambling license has been awarded to Cape Girardeau. The Confluence is safe for the time being. Thanks to everyone that gave their support to this effort.

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The Board of Directors of the Spanish Lake Community Association (SLCA) voted unanimously to oppose the rezoning request of North County Development, LLC from M-3 & FPM-3 to C-8 for PC 22-09 for the Riverview Casino Complex on approximately 375+ acres of farmland on the east side of Riverview Boulevard in Spanish Lake on the Mississippi River floodplain. The SLCA has joined with many other organizations (List of Organizations)also opposing the development for various reasons forming the Common Sense Coalition. The Common Sense Coalition has been renamed Save the Confluence.

The SLCA took this position because this proposed development of the land as a gambling complex (casino, hotel, convention center, parking for 8,000 cars, restaurants, shops, bars, etc.) is inconsistent with the comprehensive and coordinated plan in the Spanish Lake Community Area Study, developed by the County’s Planning Department over a 2 year period with input from Spanish Lake residents. In April of 1999, the St. Louis County Council not only approved the Study but also amended the St. Louis County General Plan "by incorporating therein the Spanish Lake Community Area Study.

This Study specifically states that:
• The St. Louis County Planning Commission is hereby directed to avoid higher density rezoning in those portions of Spanish Lake which currently are low density or adjacent to agricultural or park lands (north and east).
• The country-like atmosphere, open space, beautiful trees, and peace and quiet were identified as important assets of the Spanish Lake community.
• Recreational opportunities were major assets.
• Natural and unique aesthetic qualities of the area should be preserved in public or common ground open space whenever possible.
• Commercial development should primarily be the use and reuse of existing commercial buildings rather than the construction of new buildings.

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Letters to the editor about your concerns will help win this. Here are easy ways to send yours:
· St. Louis Business Journal: http://stlouis.bizjournals.com/stlouis/contactus/contact_editor.html
· St. Louis Post Dispatch: letters@post-dispatch.com

Your local elected officials should also join our effort to Save the Confluence. Check with your county council members, school board members and your city officials. Your call to your elected officials will help demonstrate that you are seriously concerned about the impacts of this proposed casino – and we are not giving up.

Tracking Our Progress
When you take action on this issue please let Save the Confluence know at http://tinyurl.com/TrackingOurProgress, so that we can keep track of our progress.
You can also send E-mail to: moenviron@moenviron.org or call: (314) 727-0600.