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St. Louis County Demographic and Economic Data

St. Louis County, with a 2010 population of 998,954, is the largest county in Missouri and has the highest per capita income in Missouri ($54,343 in 2008, from the Bureau of Economic Analysis). St. Louis County is the heart of the St. Louis region with a strong and diversified economy and a highly skilled workforce.

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St. Louis County Information

  • St. Louis County and Region
  • St. Louis County Maps
  • Interactive Maps/Aerial Photos
  • St. Louis County Property Data
  • Address to Jurisdiction Lookup
  • Neighborhood Preservation Tax Credit
  • Municipal Census Data Look-Up
  • Municipal Demographic Profiles
  • St. Louis County 2000 Census Summary
  • St. Louis County Data Summary
  • City of St. Louis Maps/Data
  • E-W Gateway Regional Data Center
  • St. Louis Metro Govt. Finance Data

Demographic Sites

  • US Census Bureau
  • American FactFinder
  • St. Louis County Census Data
  • St. Louis County Comparisons
  • Missouri State Census Data Center
  • MCDC Data Extract Utility
  • MCDC Trend Data
  • MCDC Basic Demographic Profiles
  • DataPlace Housing and Demographic Data
  • Purchasing Power Profiles by Zip Code
  • MODOT Census Transportation Data
  • American Community Survey (ACS)
  • St. Louis County 2000-2004 ACS Change Profile
  • St. Louis County 2006 ACS Data
  • Census Bureau Building Permit Data
  • US Dept. of Justice Crime Data
  • Missouri School District Data

Legislative Links

  • United States Congress
  • Missouri General Assembly
  • St. Louis County Council

Economic Data Sites

  • St. Louis Workforce Information
  • Local Unemployment Rates
  • Detailed Payroll Employment Data
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Missouri Local Employment Dynamics
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Housing Price Index - Metro Area and Nation
  • 2002 Economic Census - St. Louis County
  • County Business Patterns
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis Local Data
  • FDIC Missouri Profile
  • Federal Reserve Bank - Beige Book
  • US Treasury Dept. Quarterly Economic Data
  • US Treasury Dept. Monthly Economic Data