Formation of the Spanish Lake Community Association

The Spanish Lake Community Association

Beginning in 1997, a two-year community area study was conducted by the St. Louis County Department of Planning in which hundreds of residents participated. The result of that effort was the Spanish Lake Community Area Study, a planning document, that was approved by the St. Louis County Council in April of 1999. In the fall of 1999 the County Planning Department came back to the community to discuss how the ideas outlined in the study could best be implemented. It was decided that the formation of a community association would be helpful. The Planning Department selected the members of the first Board of Directors. The Spanish Lake Community Association was incorporated in December of 1999 and held its first meeting in February of 2000.

The Spanish Lake Community Area Study was used to define the purposes of the Spanish Lake Community Association. The goals of the association are:

  • to promote the development of a strong community identity among the residents of Spanish Lake
  • to encourage cooperative efforts among churches, schools, businesses, subdivisions and other organizations with the goal of improving the quality of life for all residents of the Spanish Lake area
  • to improve communication between the Spanish Lake community and St. Louis County, neighboring municipalities and cities in order to further mutual goals and a shared sense of responsibility
  • to enhance a sense of pride among Spanish Lake residents by identifying and developing the assets of the community
  • to provide a forum whereby residents of the Spanish Lake community can share with each other their concerns and visions about the future of the area

We are committed to a number of projects:

  • developing community-wide support for the renovation of The Twillman House – a Community Center for the residents of our unincorporated community of Spanish Lake
  • working closely with three new initiatives – the Spanish Lake Family and Youth Council, the Bellefontaine Road Commercial Improvement Study and the Watkins Creek Watershed Project
  • working collaboratively with many other community groups to support wise development in our community and elsewhere in North St. Louis County
  • sponsoring Town Hall meetings and publishing our quarterly newsletter, the Spanish Lake News
  • welcoming new homeowners into our community with a neighborly visit and a packet of information about living in our Spanish Lake community
  • building demonstration gardens on the grounds of The Twillman House
  • maintaining and improving the prize-winning Spanish Lake Community Garden at Larimore and Trampe
  • working with Hazelwood School District and Trinity Catholic High School to develop community service projects for area students
  • monitoring the Association’s Voice Mail and responding to a wide variety of questions and concerns from residents
  • actively supporting Fort Belle Fontaine County Park, an important Spanish Lake “jewel”