Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Spanish Lake come from?
The northeastern section of north St. Louis County, known as Spanish Lake, takes its name from the nearby pond, which local tradition says served as a recreation area for the Spanish soldiers garrisoned at the Spanish Fort Don Carlos built at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in 1767. Spanish Lake was called Spanish Pond until the late nineteenth century when an image more appropriate to suburban development was sought.

What does “living in an unincorporated community” mean?
Being unincorporated means that we are not incorporated as a city or a village and that means there in no local government in Spanish Lake – no city hall, no city council, no aldermen. All governmental services that our unincorporated community receive are provided by St. Louis County which has offices located in the St. Louis Government Center in Clayton and the North County Satellite Office in Village Square Center in Hazelwood.

How can I get information on proposed new development in Spanish Lake?
The Saint Louis County Planning Commission holds public hearings. All meetings are open to the public. To confirm specific meeting dates and times, or get additional information, call the Department of Planning at (314) 615-2520 (TDD (314)615-5467) or go to

To sign up to receive Planning Commission Public Hearing Notices via e-mail, go to If you would like to add yourself to the list, please click the 'I want to join the Mailing List' button. You will then be prompted to enter your e-mail address and create a password to edit your account.

What can you tell me about the Spanish Lake Community Association?
The Spanish Lake Community Association was formed in 1999 by the St. Louis County Planning Department. In December of that year, the association was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and now has tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the association are tax deductible.

A Board of Directors, composed of 15 members, governs the organization. The Board is responsible for setting policies, taking positions on issues, preparing annual budgets and raising funds, being prudent managers of its financial resources and deciding which projects the association will support.

All of the work of the Spanish Lake Community Association is accomplished by volunteers. There is no paid staff.

How do I Reserve a Picnic Shelter in Spanish Lake Park?
To check rates, availability, and make reservations for a picnic shelter in one of the Saint Louis County Parks use the County online reservation system at or call (314) 615-4386 M-F 9-4:30.

What is Required by the County When I Buy or Sell a Home?
If you buy a house or condo in unincorporated St. Louis County, a re-occupancy inspection and permit will be required from the Division of Neighborhood Services before you move in. The re-occupancy inspection is designed to further safeguard the county’s housing stock. The Spanish Lake Fire Protection District works with the County in this inspection process.

More information can be found at this page

What Signs are Illegal in Spanish Lake?
The following regulations apply to the posting of temporary signs in unincorporated St. Louis County:

"It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to paint, post, place, stick or otherwise affix any notice, placard, bill, card, poster, advertisement or other paper or device calculated to attract the attention of the public, to or upon any sidewalk, crosswalk, curb or curbstone, flagstone, tree or any other portion or part of any public way or public place, structure or building, or any lamp post, electric light, telegraph, telephone or Civil Defense pole, or railway structure, hydrant or bridge in that area of St. Louis County outside incorporated cities, except as may otherwise be authorized by law."

Can I park my over-the-road trailer in my driveway or in the street in front of my home? How about my commercial vehicle that I use in my business?
The answer is NO to both questions. The only vehicles permitted to be parked in a residential neighborhood are cars, vans, pickup trucks, boats, campers or other recreational vehicles typically used by a family.

What do I need to know about the newly formed Trash Districts?
A new County Council ordinance requires all waste haulers operating in St. Louis County to provide the following minimum service by Jan. 1, 2008: once a week waste collection, once a week recycling collection and twice-yearly bulk pickups in both municipalities and unincorporated St. Louis County.

For more information, please consult this page .

When and where does the County Council meet?
The St. Louis County Council meets Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. in the County Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of the County Government Center, 41 South Central in Clayton. There are no County Council meetings on the first two Tuesdays in July, nor the last Tuesday in August and December.

Is Spanish Lake a predominately Hispanic community?
No; only 1% of the population is of Hispanic origin.

Where do I call regarding snow removal and street cleaning schedules?
Call the County Highway Department at (314) 837-7400 and they will be able to provide this information for you.

To Report A Street Light Outage
Gather the number of the street light from the light pole, and note the street address or intersection where the light is located; then call 1-800-552-7583. The light should be fixed within 14 days.