Where can I find Access to Watkins Creek

Access Points to Watkins Creek in Spanish Lake and Unincorporated St. Louis County East of Highway 367

These access points begin where Watkins Creek empties into the Mississippi River and then head up the creek eventually ending up on the eastern side of Highway 367 and Dunn Road. In those areas where the access points are on private property – or where there is clearly a house visible – make sure you talk with the property owner first.

1. Mouth of Watkins Creek at the Mississippi River Access
Enter on the Metropolitan Sewer District property on the east side of Riverview Drive a bit north of I-270. Park there and head east to the Mississippi River. Do not leave the sewer district property.

2. Watkins Creek Bridge on Riverview Access
Stay parked on the Metropolitan Sewer District property and walk north. This bridge is located just a bit north. There is good access to the creek on both the east and west sides of Riverview.

3. Coal Bank Road Access
You can gain access to this bridge over Coal Bank, which again affords good access to the creek on both sides of the bridge, two ways. First, you can drive west up Coal Bank Road from Riverview and park where the street is blocked. Then walk a little bit to the bridge.
Or, you can enter by heading west on Dunn, north on Lilac and south on Coal Bank directly to the bridge. You will see the road blockade a bit ahead of you.

4. Dunn Road Access
From Riverview Boulevard, head west on Dunn Road. There is good access to the creek on the north side of Dunn along the property line just west of the house at 791 Dunn Road.

5. Fry Lane Bridge Access
Continue west on Dunn Road to Lilac. Turn left or south on Lilac, over I-270. First there will be the entrance to travel east on the interstate, then there will be the access road south of I-270 and then almost immediately is Fry Lane – very easy to miss. It is a one lane road on the east side of Lilac that until recently was a dirt road.

Turn left on Fry Lane, past a few houses and in a bit you will be at a bridge over the creek. There is good access on both sides of the bridge. There are no immediate buildings there, but a bit further on a construction company has taken over an old homestead and has turned it into a business site so you may find that as you head in this road, there may be a construction truck coming out. Just try and move over!

6. Bellefontaine Estates Access
Head west out of Fry Lane to Lilac and turn south. Enter the new development named Bellefontaine Estates. There is not much construction going on there right now. Watkins Creek is part of their property and is located on the southern and eastern end of this new development. Park at the last house and start walking across the field. You’ll find the creek.

7. Lilac Road Access
Head out of Bellefontaine Estates towards Lilac and head south. A bit past the Plumbers and Pipefitters’ Training Center, Lilac crosses Watkins Creek. There is access there.

8. Belgrove Road Access
Turn around and head north up Lilac. Before you get to I-270, Belgrove will come in on the west. Turn left on Belgrove until you get to the railroad trestle over the road. There is good access to the creek there.

9. Raftery Lane Access
Continue west on Belgrove to Raftery Lane which is on the north side. There is very good access to the creek along the west side of the property at 10919 Raftery Lane.

10. Bellefontaine Road Access south of I-270
Take Belgrove west to Bellefontaine Road and turn north, or right. Continue to BP gas station, just south of I-270, and pull in behind Burger King and in front of the Down Home Restaurant there. Access to the creek is along the north side of the parking areas.

11. Dunn Road Access
Head back to Bellefontaine Road and turn north, or right. You will want to make a left turn immediately after going under I-270, so get in the left lane. Turn west, or left on Dunn Road and stay in the right lane – you will not want to enter I-270 heading west. On the north or right side of Dunn, there is an abandoned Burger King restaurant. Pull in there and park. Access to the creek is on the northeast side of that property.

12. Northgate Estates Accesses
Turn around and head back to Bellefontaine Road. Turn north or left to Claudine. Turn west or left on Claudine into Northgate Estates.

There are many points of access all along Claudine since Watkins Creek is on the southern border of this subdivision. In a number of cases the Londoff/GEM store property (which is not developed and where access is on the north side of Dunn), actually extends on the north side of Watkins Creek in a number of places, behind the private homes along Claudine. It will be easy for you to see the access points – most are on the south side, but there are one or two on the north side.

13. Dunn and Lusher – the Eastern Outer Road of I-270
Continue west on Claudine to the traffic light. There you will find access to the “creek” – after it comes out from under I-270 – on the east side of Dunn. You can also see it looking south at the intersection there with Claudine. Again, good access.