SLCEC Projects

Jamestown Mall

In 2005, an intergovernmental commission composed of city, county, state
and community representatives selected NorthPark Partners, composed of
McEagle and Clayco, to redevelop more than 550 acres northeast of the I-70
and I-170 interchange in Kinloch, Berkely and Ferguson.

Upon its completion in 2020, the $400 million project is expected to
create 12,000 new jobs. It also will have an economic impact of $7 billion.

Phase I of the project includes construction of the Express Scripts
headquarters on the UMSL campus and Vatterott College’s new $15
million national headquarters in NorthPark. Projects currently under
construction include Express Scripts II, Hilton Hotel and Conference
Center, and office and industrial buildings.

“NorthPark is a result of an unprecedented public and private
partnership, combining business leaders and extraordinary
intergovernmental support united to improve our community and
economy. This is an example of teamwork at its best.”

NorthPark Partners Location:

  • Cities of Kinloch, Berkeley, and Ferguson


  • $7 billion economic impact
  • 12,000 new jobs
  • 550-acre development
  • $400 million investment

SLCEC Involvement:

  • Enhanced Enterprise Zone
  • Tax benefits
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Tax credits
  • BUILD program
  • Missouri Quality Jobs

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