Members of the Spanish Lake Youth Task Force appointed by St. Louis County in 2007

Mr. Charles Arms

Mr. Michael Crayton
Deputy Juvenile Officer
St. Louis County

Lt. Troy Doyle
1st Precinct
St. Louis County Police Department

Miranda Duncan
Assistant to the County Executive
St. Louis County

Dr. Carol Fouse, Principal
Hazelwood Southeast Middle School

Dr. Flint Fowler
Ms. Natika Rowles
Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club

Mr. John Gianoulakis
Resident; Spanish Lake Community Association Board; Attorney

Ms. Pat Giles
Resident, past PTO president

Mr. Harry Goff
Volunteer for courts, schools

Ms. Vershaun Howze
Director of Residency
Hazelwood School District

Mr. Travond Jacobs
Emerson YMCA

Mr. Robert Levins
Resident, Started chess club at Twillman Elementary School

Paul Luft
Neighborhood Preservation
St. Louis County

Tom Ott
Department of Parks
St. Louis County

Ms. Charlotte Petty
Editor, Spanish Lake Word

Mr. Brian Shaw
Resident; Youth Boxing Coach

Community Health Coordinator
Christian Hospital

Captain Larry Stulce
First Precinct
St. Louis County Police Department

Rose Terranova
Department of Human Services
St. Louis County

Joyce Theard
Department of Health
St. Louis County

Ms. Lottie Wade, Chair
Resident, Spanish Lake Community Association Board; Past VP, United Way

Mr. Reggie Williams
Bridges Across Racial Polarization
FOCUS St. Louis

Ms. April Wilson
Manager, Oak Park Village

Sr. Karl Mary Winkelmann
Principal, Trinity Catholic High School