Some Accomplishments

Spanish Lake Priorities that Have Been Accomplished
Or Are in Progress

St. Louis County established priorities after extensive community input during the 2006 Spanish Lake Youth Needs Assessment. By working with other Spanish Lake Youth Task Force members and others, we have accomplished the following.

  • In partnership with Hazelwood School District, helped establish a Boys and Girls Club at Southeast Middle School in Spanish Lake. 
  • Offered an outdoor summer camp (2008) in Larimore Park.
  • Planning to increase the number of police officers serving North St. Louis County and to expand community policing strategies.
  • Researching family stabilization activities and support services for a pilot program that would be offered to residents of large apartment complexes in Spanish Lake.  
  • Formed plans with agencies and churches to expand programs that successfully address school dropout and teen pregnancy. County staff, teachers and residents participated in Teen Outreach Program (TOP) training offered by Wyman and are implementing this program in the Hazelwood School District, through the Boys and Girls Club, and possibly at a community site.

    Based on community input, the County is evaluating future programming at the North County Recreation Complex. Improvements are planned for the North County Recreation Complex playground.

    • Installed basketball courts next to the tennis courts at Larimore Park.
    • Converted one tennis court to basketball at Spanish Lake Park.
    • Applied for funding under Safe Routes to School grant to construct pedestrian walkway on the portion of Larimore Road from Senate to Larimore. 
    • Planned sidewalk construction on Prigge Road by Southeast Middle School.
    • The County helped the Spanish Lake Youth Task Force with a number of its events:
    • 2007-9 Resource Fairs (with plans underway to offer the Resource Fair in 2010)
    • Parents’ Forum “Keeping Your Kids Safe: What’s a Parent to Do?
    • Youth and Social Service Providers’ meeting to present the results of the Youth Needs Assessment and lay the foundation for working together in Spanish Lake.