Spanish Lake Community Area Study - April 1999


Adopted by the St. Louis County Council
April 1, 1999

GOAL: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of Spanish Lake through beautification efforts.

OBJECTIVE: Develop more appealing commercial areas, particularly retail centers.


  • Flower planters and decorative street lights should be installed in the Bellefontaine Road commercial area. (SLC Planning, Economic Council, business owners)
  • Target inspections by the St. Louis County Department of Public Works to determine building code violations and cite owners accordingly. Establish a mechanism for loans or grants for those who cannot afford to comply with requirements. (County Council, Economic Council & Public Works)
  • Establish guidelines for landscaping and aesthetics in commercial areas, especially Bellefontaine, Highway 367 and Dunn Roads, Study the possibility of creating a Community Improvement District. (CID)
    (Planning & Economic Council)

GOAL: Create new commercial opportunities including improved retail choice for residents and new businesses for job growth.

OBJECTIVE: Create a business association to promote Spanish Lake.


  • Schedule a joint meeting between Spanish Lake business owners and officers from several of the successful business organizations/chambers of commerce in St. Louis County to discuss how the associations were formed and financed. The St. Louis County Economic Council should assist in developing goals and strategies for the organizaiotn. The St. Louis County Department of Planning should study marketing plans developed by other communities to determine what strategies could be used in Spanish Lake. Development of a Spanish Lake web page should be encouraged.
    (NCI, FVCofC, Economic Council, Planning)

OBJECTIVE: Revitalize Belle Parke Plaza and adjacent commercial properties


  • Owner of Belle Parke Plaza to be contacted by the St. Louis County Economic Council and Department of Planning to discuss his plans for the property. (Planning, Economic Council)
  • Explore potential use of economic development tools such as tax increment financing, community improvement districts, Chapter 353 and beautification grants for rights-of-way. (Planning, Economic Council)
  • Develop ideas for improving this area as a town center by sponsoring a planning charette. (American Planning Association, SLU Public Policy Department, WU School of Architecture, Planning)

OBJECTIVE: Increase occupancy of businesses along Bellefontaine Road, Highway 367 and I-270 (Dunn Road). Redevelop abandoned and unused commercial and industrial sites.


  • Utilize a business association to promote availability of retail/office space in Spanish Lake. (Economic Council, business owners, NCI, FVC of C, new community association)
  • Encourage the development of family restaurants, not fast food establishments. A formal request letter should be sent from community leaders to the Planning Commission.
  • Market the area to encouarage a diverse retail mix including specialty food stores, restaurant and neighborhood-oriented retail establishments.
    (Plannng, Economic Council)
  • Promote the availability of office space for doctors and dentists. Check with local medical professional organizations to determine if there is a newsletter or other means of communication through which space availability could be advertised. (Economic Council, business association)

OBJECTIVE: Redevelop the old GEM store site on Dunn Road.


  • Direct the St. Louis County Economic Council to contact the property owner of the GEM store site and discuss his plans for the site. The possibility of blighting the property to allow for use of economic development incentives should be considered. Among the potential options are development of a business park, single family housing, a community center or a Hazelwood School District facility. The Economic Council should meet with the school district to review discussions which have taken place to date concerning this property. (Economic Council)

OBJECTIVE: Development of a Farmers Market, similar to Kirkwood Farmers Market, featuring produce from North County farms.


  • Once a business association is formed, meet with area farmers to determine their level of interest in participating in such a plan. Schedule a meeting with the business manager of Kirkwood Farmers Market, University City Market or similar facility to find out about business agreements, management and rent structures. Determine what locations would be feasible for an outdoor market in terms of availability, parking, etc.